Collective Worships from Friends of our school family

Grow and Reuse Garden Competition

This year we entered a competition where the children were tasked with the challenge of researching, designing and creating a miniature ‘Show’ garden with a key emphasis on reusing plastics. In the UK an estimated 5.5 billion plastic bottles, 4.1 billion cups and 4.7 billion straws are disposed of each year. Half of all plastics are single-use applications. These figures highlight global concerns and worries about micro-plastics in our food chain. The children needed to design and create a miniature garden!

Open The Book Easter blessings

Tony Coe reflects on Forgiveness

Tammy's Collective Worship - 4/3/2021

Tammy's super secret, not so secret missions worship

Year 6 Led Collective Worship - Diversity and Justice

The Passion & Promise of Salvation part 4

The Passion & Promise of Salvation part 3

The Passion & Promise of Salvation part 2

The Passion & Promise of Salvation part 1

Tammy's Worship - 11.2.21

Father John's final Lord's Prayer Study

Tammy - The power of forgiveness


A wonderful reminder of all that you *can* do during lockdown ...

Praise Collective Worship - Wednesday 27th January

The Lord's Prayer Study Part 4

The Lord's Prayer Study Part 3

The Lord's Prayer Study Part 2

Father John's Lord's Prayer study part 1

Praise - Wednesday 20th January

Looking at my heart This Little Light of Mine Make Me a Channel of My Peace Forgive One Another

Mrs Dobbs' Collective Worship

Mr Bell's Forgiveness Worhip

Our Remote Worship Section

Praise - Wednesday 13th January

Four lovely songs to join in with and learn this week! Amazing Grace Faith as small as a mustard seed Thank You Lord For This New Day The Alternate Routes - Nothing More (Trust Song)

Praise Collective Worship Wednesday 6th January

The Millennium Prayer - Cliff Richard

Open the Book at Christmas

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Advent 1 from Tony Coe

Harvest Celebration


An amazing video (and song!) from our wonderful friend Tony Coe.

St. Matthew

All Angels Part 2

Percy Part 4

St Paul

Mary's Quiet Wisdom

Wisdom - the Power of One

The 2 Builders

Wisdom - by Percy!

All Angels


Percy Vere Part 2

A wonderful video demonstrating our value of the term: Perseverance

Walsingham Project

An exciting competition for you to design a mantel!

Father John Part 2

A virtual tour of all the parts of the Church you never normally get to see!

If only I had a green nose!

Tammy shares an inspirational story with us about how to be the best you can be!

Tony & Dec: Perseverance in lockdown

Tony & Dec lead us in reflection on our lockdown journey with a super film clip and a very catchy song to learn at the end!

Percy Vere

A wonderful story and inspirational video from Pastor Steve Holland - our very good friend from the Boston Baptist Church - all about Perseverance.

Father John - Perseverance

The first in a series of Collective Worship opportunities where you can reflect on our value of the term: Perseverance

Grace’s story

Tammy’s daughter entertains us with a little story!

Tammy’s dance!

A groovy little dance we can learn ready for when we are back in school as a family all together!