Collective Worships from Friends of our school family

Grow and Reuse Garden Competition

This year we entered a competition where the children were tasked with the challenge of researching, designing and creating a miniature ‘Show’ garden with a key emphasis on reusing plastics. In the UK an estimated 5.5 billion plastic bottles, 4.1 billion cups and 4.7 billion straws are disposed of each year. Half of all plastics are single-use applications. These figures highlight global concerns and worries about micro-plastics in our food chain. The children needed to design and create a miniature garden!

Open The Book Easter blessings

Tony Coe reflects on Forgiveness

Tammy's Collective Worship - 4/3/2021

Tammy's super secret, not so secret missions worship

Year 6 Led Collective Worship - Diversity and Justice

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RSHE with Mrs Clarke

Listen to Mrs Clarke read the story of The Bad Seed

What a fantastic read. Listen to the story of “the bad seed” Was he really that bad? Or was it a bad day he had? Remember its okay to not be okay!

Year one Gospel's class RSHE video lesson all about our neighbourhood

Watch this short video of Mrs Clarke introducing week three lesson where we will have lots of opportunity to talk and sort pictures in an activity. Remember to take a look at all the attachments as these will help you think of good answers and help you with ideas of your own. Please remember to email in any pictures or work that you do, Mrs Clarke would love to add them to our class book.


Hello! I would like to share a brief clip of what topic each class will be looking and discussing this term. Please take a minute to watch Mrs Clarke in action, if you have any pictures or questions remember to use the school website and email them in. Thank you :)

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